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There is more of this story - part two

Once upon three times*

Normally on the first English site I would present my favourite little town of  Wirksworth, because friends (see the loveable picture of the fighter, andy the second, foto by philwirks) of us live right there. But for the next period I would like you to look at these pictures I took in Sheffield, just on the way down from Manchester to Chesterfield by train. And to be true, it is worth visiting, because the last years have changed a lot. Use your mouse to see the changes of the rollover-pictures.

*The title goes back to the book of Robert Nye and the variation of that very old meaning.


  »»» This is the way to wirksworth now.


Lions Lair Sheffield





Hallam University



Sheffield Hallam University














In front of the station there is a at lot of water - and sometimes the kids do like to play there.



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