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There is more of this story

Once upon a time in Wirksworth

  In you tube, I found this funny little film >>>


  On the way to Prospect house...      

Have a

look  @ hoffmann-gifhorn.de

Here are some more links:


  And I do remember the family butcher, just in that very moment, as the man walks by...










More impressions of wirksworth - and...

I really do hope that we will have a good new years eve together in Germany, yeah!!!

  In front of (Hi Barry and Liz) Andy talks with the Sheriff of... No comment in this moment.  

Who is this phantastic photograher on wirksworth.net called Phil? Just let me know! And we saw you, Andy on the gallery of panto (liked with flickr) , this is amazing.

This is the link  back to Sheffield

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